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Logo Design is the first port of call when thinking about your business’ image. A lot of the time, it is┬áthe first thing potential customers see when they search for your business.┬áPeople respond to visual imagery and we all know that images speak a thousand words. So keep this in mind when you’re thinking about your logo design. It is what people end up remembering you by. It is what should be across all of your branding and visual marketing.


Here at DoodleMoose Designs, we specialise in creating logo design for all types of businesses. We have been designing logos and branding for the past 4 years with many different clients from coffee companies to financial institutions. We love designing logos that stand out from the rest – logos that you will remember.


So, if you’re a new business looking to create a brand new logo design, or you have an existing logo that needs updating, get in touch with us today to boost your brand.

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